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Standard Operating Manual

Academic Procedures

These procedures are in place to ensure an effective school day. Employees shall adhere to all procedures.


Inform supervisor of a late arrival or an absence no later than 7:30 AM each morning.

Daily Procedures

  • Scan prox card each morning/afternoon upon arrival and departure at the Welcome Center.
  • Clock in the Time Station on your iMac upon arriving your classroom.
  • Wear MDE ID badges at all times.
  • Take attendance in PowerSchool at the start of every class period.
  • Keep classroom doors closed and locked during instruction. 
  • Bell-to-Bell teaching everyday. Exceptions - tests/exams as noted in lesson plans.
  • Release students from classrooms when class exchange is indicated on the VPA.
  • End of week procedures should include updating the sub unit files on your wall. 
  • Monitor the hallways between bells.
  • Supervise students during lunch times.
  • Use discipline forms as indicated in the discipline protocol.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct a program of instruction in assigned subjects or grades.
  • Assume custory of the pupils assigned to you and take precautions to ensure pupil safety and general welfare. Students should never be left unsupervised.
  • Participate in all conferences and in-service training programs (unless additional assignments preempt).
  • Attend all faculty meetings called by the leadership team.
  • Care for all school property and equipment under your inventory.
  • All staff members are responsible for the behaviors of all pupils on campus or on school activities. Intervene as needed.
  • Be accountable to the principal and the director of curriculum and instruction for active teaching and engaging learning opportunities for pupils.
  • Ensure good housekeeping by ensuring a litter free environment by storing books, work materials, supplies and equipment in a neat and orderly manner and by keeping whiteboards clean and having window shades/blinds properly hung.
  • Obtain approval for anticipated absences.
  • Submitting appropriate leave form for absences and comp time (see leave form).
  • Strive for a strong work ethics and assist in achieving the mission of MSD.
  • Keep current in subject area.
  • Maintain cordial relationships with the home and parent(s)/guardian, and coworkers.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the principal or supervisor.


Yellow Form reporting - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MSDYellowForm

Purple Incident Report - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/IncidentReportingDisciplineReferral (please be sure to notify me if a report is made)

At anytime a drill occurs, you are required to submit a drill report - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MSDEmergency

Leave Procedures 

According to the MSD and MDE handbooks, leave forms are to be submitted 7 days in advance to immediate supervisor for approval.  The signed leave form will be sent to you via email and submitted to the timekeeper for appropriate timekeeping documentation.   Leave forms submitted fewer than 7 days in advance will be summarily denied.

Personal Leave 

This is the regular personal leave request.

Personal Leave: See Form 1.1

Sick Leave 

The first 8 hours of sick shall be documented as PLMED any additional hours will be MLMED.

Sick Leave: See Form 1.2

Chronic Leave 

Chronic Leave must be accompanied by a letter from the doctor. This letter must be submitted to the office of Human Resources and a copy to your immediate supervisor

Chronic Leave: See Form 1.3

Comp Time Earned 

Send an email to immediate supervisor for approval 7 days in advance. Once you receive approval, please utilize the Time Station for clocking in and out for Comp time earned. Please fill out the form indicating the time you earned your comp and submit it to your supervisor’s office for processing.

Comp time can be earned when a staff member works at school events outside of normal work hours. All comp time must be approved by the immediate supervisor prior to the scheduled event. Individual staff members are responsible for documenting and submitting comp time to the designated person.

Comp time can be earned for the following:

  • Scheduled duties during extracurricular activities.
  • Any other activity approved by immediate supervisor.

Comp Time Earned: See Form 1.5

Comp Time Used 

To utilize comp time, staff members must make a request to his or her supervisor 7 days in advance.

All comp time will be utilized before personal leave.

Comp Time Used: See Form 1.4

Family Medical Leave Use 

This type leave is outlined in the MSD Staff and MDE Handbook. Employees should contact the Office of Human Resources for information regarding use of the FMLA. Employees must submit an application for leave at least thirty (30) days before the leave is to begin.  Employees shall inform their supervisor and the timekeeper of intentions to utilize FMLA.

FMLA: See Form 1.6

Parent Letter/Student Letter

  • The principal must approve all written correspondence. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • When received, provide a copy of parent consent forms/letters to the secretary.

Accounting Procedures Collected Monies 

  • Any collection of money must receive prior approval from supervisor.
  • Receipt all money collected at time of collection.
  • Deposit receipted money to the Business Office located in the Administration Building.


All purchases must be made or obligated with a signed Purchase Request (PR) approved by supervisor and signed by the principal and the superintendent. Purchase request must be completed seven days before money is needed.  PR must be fully completed and must include pertinent information such as date check is needed and to whom the check should be made. The superintendent must sign all contracts.

Purchase Request: See Form 1.8

Special Activity Guidelines On/Off Campus Activities   

A collaborative effort is sometimes needed between the academic and residential staff when trips involve both shifts.

  • Prior to the trip, all staff involved will be expected to meet with leadership to discuss supervision, activities, potential problems and responses to possible emergencies.
  • A lead staff member will be designated as the individual authorized to make decisions and direct the staff as needed.

​Community Based Learning Trips are to be educational in nature and should benefit all students involved.  Any teacher who wishes to take students on a field trip must complete the following:

  • Complete an Activity Request Form available on the website and must include students’ names.
  • Form must be completed 9 business days in advance
  • Parental permission must be obtained and must be sent to parents at least two weeks in advance.  
  • All community based learning activities must be approved and will be posted to the master calendar
  • Once approved a list of involved students will be sent to appropriate staff members.
  • If a teacher is concerned about the absence of a student because of academic difficulty or excessive prior absences, the staff member should notify the principal’s office immediately. The principal will maintain discretion as to which students will be allowed to participate in community based learning activities.
  • Twenty-four hours prior to the trip: staff members shall coordinate medical needs with the health clinic.  Ensure that at least one staff member on the trip is certified for medication self assist.
  • Twenty-four hours prior to the trip: staff members shall coordinate MMI staff to ensure requested meals are planned and arrange a time for pick up.
  • Have the following in possession before leaving campus.
    • Signed permission forms
    • Medications
    • Meals
    • Approved AR (compare attendance to original list)
    • Upon arrival back to campus immediately return all medications to the clinic.

Off Campus AR: See Form 1.9
On Campus AR: See Form 2.0
On Campus Activity Procedure Checklist: See Form 2.1
Off Campus Activity Procedure Checklist: See Form 2.2

Facility Keys

Key Requests shall be made to supervisor and approved by the office of the superintendent.

Keys to classrooms, dormitories, or any other facilities shall not be loaned to students at anytime. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Key Request: See Form 2.3

Individualized Education Program

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed for each student following federal and state laws and statutes. This IEP shall be followed as teachers and support staff members provide the educational services for each student. Details of the IEP flow chart can be located in chapter two of this SOM.

Behavior Management Documentation: Inappropriate behavior shall be recorded on the appropriate form.  (Incident Report and Discipline Referral form)  All forms shall be completed in full, including the student statement and signature (if age appropriate).  If the student chooses not to sign the report, document that decision.

In addition to the Incident Report and Discipline Referral form, staff will keep an individual written record or log of student behavior if specifically requested by leadership.

Discipline Procedure 

  • For minor issues, complete the yellow forms and place them in the pocket folder outside your classroom.
  • For serious issues such as physical or inappropriate behavior, please complete the incident form and page appropriate support staff for assistance.
  • Classroom management is the primary role of the teacher. It is expected that if you need assistance in this area, that you bring that to the attention of your supervisor or in the appropriate PLC meeting.

Discipline - Best Practices 

What Teachers Should Do:

  • Be fair and consistent - treat each student equally.
  • Be empathetic and accentuate the positive - avoid the negative.
  • Be prepared for all classes and have ample work for all students each period.
  • Maintain a cheerful, attractive and orderly classroom.
  • Be professional in demeanor and maintain a positive sense of humor.
  • Establish a minimum number of simple rules with student input and allow students to participate in publicizing them.
  • Correct students when needed to prevent minor problems from growing into larger ones.
  • All staff members should correct students if they witness a situation that should be addressed.

What Teachers Should Not Do:

  • Punish the entire class for the misbehavior of a few.
  • Argue with a student.
  • Embarrass a student.
  • Refuse to consider mitigating circumstances.
  • Compare one student with one another.
  • Become overly friendly and familiar with students.
  • Repeatedly show favoritism to certain students.
  • Maintain mobile numbers or engage in text/ social media conversations with students.
  • Challenge students to repeat an undesirable act or get yourself in a position of “do it or else”.
  • Administer unusual punishments.
  • Punish by leaving a student alone and unsupervised in a classroom or hall.
  • Punish by having a student write lines.
  • Make physical contact in an attempt to discipline.
  • Utilize corporal punishment.
  • Engage in any type of inappropriate contact with students.

Student Passes

Students leaving the supervision of the teacher will require a student pass completed by the teacher.  The student will have the pass signed by a staff member with his/her destination.  The staff member will also note the time the student leaves to return to the teacher's supervision.  The teacher will review and collect the pass on the student's return.  Any students without a pass will be subject to disciplinary action.

Student Pass: See Form 2.4

Classroom Substitution

When assigned to substitute for a class, individuals will report to the designated classroom prior to the beginning of class.  Substitutes will teach and distribute class work left by the teacher of record. Substitutes are responsible for full supervision of all students assigned to that class.

Lunch Duty

All teachers are required to be present in the cafeteria during the lunch period to provide supervision.

Fund-raising Activities

Class and student organization sponsors must present their fund-raising activities to the principal and the superintendent for approval at least two weeks before the activity is to occur.

New Year Procedures

  1. Instructional staff shall check room inventory.
  2. Ensure a clean classroom.
  3. Request needed teaching materials from the Think Tank.
  4. Order all needed supplies for the classroom.
  5. Set up PowerTeacher utilizing class schedule provided.
  6. Attend all Professional Development sessions or arrange a make up session if an absence has been approved.

Close of Year Procedures

  1. Complete the End of the Year Checklist prior to leaving campus. Failure to to so will result in a disciplinary action.

MSD Bulldog Print Center

Weekly Copies:

Teachers and Residential Staff must submit their copy needs at least two days in advance to the Bulldog Print Center.  Student Workers will deliver requested copies.

Confidential items must be labeled as such and the copy center director will ensure the information is delivered in a confidential manner. Your supervisor must approve any emergency copies.

Care of Classrooms

Classrooms should be neat, colorful, interesting and attractive. Outdated materials should be removed and discarded. Teachers might ask themselves:

  • Are the surroundings cheerful and attractive?
  • Does the appearance of the room stimulate the imagination and interest of the students?
  • Are meaningful student work, pictures, drawings, collections and other items of interest displayed?
  • Are students surrounded by a variety of reading materials such as books, magazines, pamphlets and models?
  • Are desktops kept clean and free of marks?
  • Is all trash appropriately discarded?
  • Are the boards clean?
  • Are students sitting too close to walls or white boards?
  • Do students assume some of the responsibilities of the care of the room?
  • Are floors clear of paper, books, pencils, etc.?


  • Teachers are to keep accurate, up-to-date records of the students’ grades.
  • Tests are to be graded only by the teacher.
  • Grades are averaged in accordance with approved averaging guidelines.
  • Grades are posted in gradebook within three school days after grading.
  • Progress reports are completed on time.
  • Reports cards are completed with all accurate and complete information and submitted on time.


  • Teachers should assign a reasonable amount of meaningful homework.
  • The teacher will check all homework.
  • No homework will be given during achievement tests or on weekends or holidays without permission from the principal.
  • Teachers are expected to provide assignments and other assistance to absent students as specified by the principal.


Teachers requesting permission to travel out-of-state to attend workshops or to take students on out- of-state field trips must first submit a travel authorization form twenty-one days in advance to allow for MDE approval.

Out of State Travel Request: Form 2.6

Committee Dates and Program Process:

Homecoming/Community Day – October 4th
Homecoming Court – October 4th
Deaf Dash – October 25th
Fall Athletic Banquet – November 20th
100th Day of School – January 21st
Black History Month – February
Deaf Awareness Month – March
Kite Day – April 2nd
Prom – April 2nd
Earth Day – April 22nd
Elementary Promotion – May 15th
Senior Week – May 18th – 21st
Commencement – May 22nd

Please see activity checklist for procedures. You will be required to meet with the principal at least 4 weeks before the dates of the event to make arrangements.


Please take the opportunity to click on this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MSDCommittee to indicate which program you would like to assist with and the deadline to respond is by August 29th. If you do not respond by then, I will automatically assign you to participate in one of the committee list.

Interpreter Request 

If you are in need of an interpreter for a guest speaker or parent/teacher conference, please submit the interpreter request form to the principal’s office 7 days in advance.  While emergency situations certainly come up, last minute scheduling of interpreters are to be avoided when possible.

Interpreter Request Form: 2.7

Maintenance Requests 

All maintenance requests must be sent via email to the secretary and cc’d to your supervisor. A

BigFoot work order will be submitted on your behalf.


The following actions on the MDE/MSD network are specifically prohibited. (List is not exhaustive)

Installing software, software applications, utility, plug-in or other such operations without the approval supervisor or technology specialist.

  • Creating, downloading, storing, sending, or displaying offensive messages or pictures including but not limited to pornographic or other sexually explicit material.
  • Inserting, using, or attaching non-approved disks, CD-ROMs, or other media storage devices into or with computers.
  • Using obscene, profane, or vulgar language.
  • Harassing, insulting, intimidating, or attacking others.
  • Giving out personal information about another person, including home address or phone number.
  • Engaging in any practice(s) that threaten the network and other technological tools.
  • Violating copyright laws.

AUP Agreement: See Form 1.7

All procedure forms are located on the M Drive of the MDE server.

Should you have any issues with the technology devices, please issue a ticket to the principal. Please provide the following information in your email:

Room Number:

Use of Technology

  • Use all media/technology assigned to you for the instruction of your students. Note the appropriate use of state time and state equipment described in the MDE Handbook. You may also find information on this in the MSD Faculty/Staff Handbook.
  • Staff members are not to be at the computer during time allocated for the instruction of students.
  • At no time should tape be placed on any SMARTBoard, SMARTTable, iPad or iMac computer screen.
  • Turn off projector when not in use.
  • Shut down all digital devices before leaving each day.
  • Obtain approval from your supervisor or the director of instruction for all videos shown in class.
  • Utilize all iPads/laptops for work related activities such as teaching, emailing, developing lesson plans, curriculum planning, and classroom related work. Equipment is not for personal use. While these devices can be taken home, they must be on campus during teaching hours.

Sending/Checking Email 

Check your email before the beginning of classes each morning.
Check your email at least once during your preparatory period.
Check your email at the close of the day before leaving campus.
Obtain approval from supervisor for mass emails. DO NOT send out any mass e-mails that have not been approved.
Utilize the communication protocol when emailing the leadership team.

Bonjour Chat System

Bonjour is available on your new iMac and if you would like to connect through the bonjour system. You will need to be connected to an ethernet port instead of the wifi because the wifi is on a separate network. Bonjour provides you the ability to instant message anyone within the MSD network and conduct (large) file transfer and video chat up to 4 people. I believe that more than 4 people can be added to the video chat system, although this has not been tested. This can be useful if you need to conduct a last minute meetings or brief meetings. There are many use when it comes to using the bonjour system.

Here is the how to open a bonjour internal chat.

If you do not see ‘MESSAGE’ on your dashboard, you will need to open FINDERS and click on APPLICATION. Scroll down until you see ‘MESSAGE’ and open the application. You will be prompted to set up an account, click SKIP and there will be another account screen and click cancel. Go to the top bar and click on ‘MESSAGE’ and click on PREFERENCE, you will see an account setting and click on ACCOUNTS. Once the ACCOUNTS tab is open, you will see a grey bonjour icon on the left column and you will need to click on BONJOUR. Make sure you click on ENABLE BONJOUR INSTANT MESSAGING. There will be a pop up bar with several names of staff who have already set up bonjour and if you click on any of the name, a pop up messaging will open to allow you to chat. If you click on the video icon of a staff and the video chat box will open.


All employees should remember that electronic media and services are the property of MDE and MSD.  The purpose of this medium is to facilitate and support the schools’ missions.  No right of privacy exists with respect to information placed on the electronic media systems by employees. All electronic media systems, including but not limited to desktops, laptops, networks, electronic mail, telephone and fax records, printed documents, Internet activity, computer disks and CDs are the property of MDE and MSD.

Here are the list of approved sites/application that the Mississippi School for the Deaf uses with their students and staff:

If you are interested in an account with the application listed above, please contact your supervisor.

Inventory Audit

At anytime you receive the items that will be assigned to you. You will be required to fill out the Equipment Transfer/Disposal Form (EDR) to indiacte the name of the item, asset ID number, serial number, and room number it is assigned to. If you need a copy of the form, please contact your supervisor. You will need to retain a copy of the EDR form should an issue with the auditing process occur.

However, if the item is being transferred to another person or to you temporarily. You will need to document the item that is given to you through the MSD Inventory Management System. Be sure to fill out the necessary information and submit it. This will allow us to quickly identify where the current item is should it be reassigned to another person temporarily. 

Please remember that the only way to protect yourself is to document all items that are being received and/or transferred. We are a technology rich campus and the items that are assigned to you is your responsibility alone. You can access the MSD Inventory Management System through your computer or mobile phone. You can also bookmark it if you like.


Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers with the Mississippi School for the Deaf may earn service/volunteer hours. This opportunity is to:

  • Increase students’ motivation for learning
  • Enrich experience
  • Strengthen school-community relations
  • Build understanding of MSD language and culture

Volunteers may:

  • Work in classroom
  • Offer curriculum enrichment to students
  • Participate in school organization
  • Improving school grounds or building

*All volunteers must complete a background check prior to volunteering. To volunteer, please contact Mrs. Nakya Martin at nmartin@mdek12.org to complete the background check.

Travel Procedures

Please click here to download the travel procedures manual.


Residential Education

These procedures are in place to ensure effective residential programming.  Employees shall adhere to all procedures.

Employees will report to work on time as scheduled. Evening staff hours are 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM or as scheduled by your supervisor. Overnight staff hours are from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM or as scheduled by your supervisor.

Responsibilities of a Residential Education Parent (REP)

  • Possess these characteristics: maturity, creativity, patience, energetic and sound judgment.
  • Scan your ID card through the TimeStation upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Wear MDE ID badges at all times.
  • Provide supervision for students in residential area.
  • Supervise students during meals, play, homework time, field trips, homegoing, leisure and bedtime.
  • Manage inappropriate behavior properly and consistently.
  • Report in writing on the proper form all illnesses and injuries to supervisor and clinic staff.
  • Report all unsafe areas, equipment, and/or situations to supervisor in writing.
  • Investigate and report to supervisor all rumors of weapons brought on campus or threats made to students or staff.
  • Keep students work, play, grooming and sleep areas clean and free from all items that may be harmful.
  • Keep exits free of obstacles.
  • Practice drills for fire, tornado and bus evacuation. 
  • Turn all student medications over to headquarters’ supervisor or clinic when medicine is brought on campus.
  • Follow transportation guidelines for students.
  • Report any communication regarding health and safety from parents, school staff, security or others to supervisor immediately.
  • Inventory student clothing weekly to ensure clothing is sufficient, and fits well
  • Remove trash/clean dorms daily (students can be responsible for these duties with staff supervision).
  • Contact parents only with the approval of your supervisor.
  • Issue and check student passes leaving and entering the dorm.
  • Implement daily activity schedule with co-workers (plan “on” and “off” campus activities).  Please complete a form for all off campus activities at least 5 days before the activity date.
  • Provide regularly scheduled homework time---- free of distractions
  • Assist with homework as needed.
  • Check homework for completion, neatness and accuracy.
  • Communicate with teachers about any student academic concerns.  (Via email, verbally, or by letter)
  • Communicate any needs, concerns, problems, etc. with other staff as necessary.
  • Complete all required paperwork, forms and written reports in a timely manner.
  • Participate in all conferences and in-service training programs, unless assigned duty conflicts.
  • Attend all faculty meetings called by the supervisors or superintendent, unless excused by the person calling the meeting.
  • All staff members to be responsible for all school property and equipment entrusted to them.
  • All staff members are to be responsible for the behavior of their pupils and all other pupils with whom they have contact on campus.
  • All staff are to practice, and to require the pupils to practice, good housekeeping by forbidding litter; by storing books, work materials, supplies and equipment in a neat and orderly manner; by having window shades properly hung; and by other practices designed to reflect good housekeeping.
  • All staff are to notify the supervisor directly upon any anticipated absences, obtaining prior approval when required.
  • Alarms should be “on” doors that are not being used.
  • Report any hazardous situation on campus to the supervisor.
  • Perform extra duties as assigned by the supervisor,

Requirements for Student Transportation 

  • All full-time staff must obtain and maintain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • Participate in MDE bus training to begin driving and have certification renewed every two years.
  • Periodically participate in drug testing.
  • Contact supervisor immediately about any changes in status of CDL.  (Suspended license, DUI, Speeding tickets, etc.)
  • Have in your possession a valid drivers license and MDE bus driving certification card when driving.
  • Abide by all bus rules and chaperone guidelines.
  • Report any bus problems, maintenance issues, and/or concerns to your supervisor.
  • Complete and turn in any required forms or reports to your supervisor at the completion of the bus route.
  • Act as bus chaperone and/or driver in homegoing, school functions and activities as needed.

Guidelines for Bus Chaperones 

  • Chaperones are on paid duty throughout the entire route.  This means that chaperones are not permitted to sleep or talk on personal cell phones and/or pagers while any student is on the bus (except in case of emergency). Listening to music, talking on a personal cell phone or other similar devices is only permitted when there are no students on the bus.
  • Chaperones are responsible for supervision and safety of all students at all times with particular care needed at bus stops.  Count the students and check the list of students on your route after each stop and before the bus continues the trip.
  • Monitor all students on the bus to make sure that they stay seated while the bus is moving.  Chaperones may assign seats for students if necessary.  Chaperones should sit in the middle or at the rear of the bus to monitor student behavior.
  • MSD chaperones must contact their supervisor at least one hour before scheduled leaving times if they cannot ride the bus as scheduled.
  • Friday chaperones should report to their assigned bus no later than 1:00 P.M. to pick up the bus packets and any medication to be distributed to parents.  MSD chaperones are responsible for medicine and student sign out on Fridays.
  • On Fridays, check the list of students on your route before departure.  If any students are on the list but not on the bus, inform the appropriate school immediately. If there is a problem, do not leave without permission from the principal of the school where the problem exists.
  • Sunday chaperones should report to their assigned bus no later than fifteen (15) minutes before the established departure time.  Sunday buses must leave on time. MSB chaperones are responsible for medicine and student sign out on Sundays.
  • Chaperones are responsible for asking parents and students if they have any kind of medicine to return to school.  Any medication should be given to the chaperones and put into the medicine bag on Sunday.
  • On Sundays, one of the nursing staff will meet the bus at Dorm 1 to receive any medicine.
  • If there is a discipline problem on the bus, fill out a Bus Conduct Report on the incident and give it to your supervisor as soon as possible after the bus route.  A copy of the report form is in the packet for each bus.
  • Drivers will wait no longer than 10 minutes at a stop. Chaperones are responsible for counting all students at every stop.
  • Students are only allowed to go with people listed on their check out list.  Chaperones will have access to student check out lists on the bus.  If there is any question about student pick up, call the superintendent for further instructions.
  • Chaperones should make sure that student luggage is removed from the bus.  Parents, or non-school employees are not permitted on MSD-MSB buses.
  • Chaperones are responsible for getting students to put all trash, cans, bottles, wrappers, etc. in a garbage bag.
  • Monitor all students during stops, while in stores, in restrooms, etc.  This is an especially critical time for student safety to be maintained.
  • All chaperones are expected to work together to be sure that medications, luggage, paperwork, and other duties are handled efficiently.  Remember, we are all in this effort together!

Time Station 

You are required to clock in and out using the Time Station. There will be several iMacs distributed throughout the dormitories. If you fail to clock in and out, the supervisor may deem it as a tardy even if you are present on campus.

Note:  If an employee is habitually late and/or absent from work, disciplinary procedures will be recommended.  Please refer to the MSD Handbook and the MDE Handbook for additional information.

Staff Dinner/Meals 

All dorm staff are scheduled on straight time, meaning that no time is built in for meal breaks; however, staff members are permitted to leave campus to pick up meals with approval by your supervisor.

Parent Contact 

Staff is required to use this form every time communication occurs with a parent.  (Telephone, email, etc.)

REP Parent Contact Form: See Form 2.8

Referral for Health Service 

A form shall be completed to identify any specific illness or student complaint.  Such illnesses include those reported by the student and/or the ones personally noticed.  This form should accompany the student at the clinic.  The staff member referring the student should sign the form at the time of referral.

REP Referral for Health Service Form: See Form 2.9

Accident/Injury Report 

Form to be filled out every time a student is injured.  Send to your supervisor as soon as possible after the injury or accident.

REP Accident/Injury Report Form: See Form 3.0

Dorm Inventory Forms and Student Clothing 

This form is used to inventory student and personal items upon arrival to dorm at the beginning and at the end of school.

REP Dorm Inventory and Student Clothing Form: See Form 3.1


This form is used to keep a record of dormitory equipment with State inventory tags.  (i.e., furniture, televisions, appliances, etc.)

REP Equipment Form: See Form 3.2

Nightly Dormitory Report

These are to be completed electronically during the 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM shifts for each dorm.

MSD Bulldog Print Center

Weekly Copies:

Teachers and Residential Staff must submit copy requests at least two days in advance to the Bulldog Print Center.  Student workers will deliver requested copies.

Confidential items must be labeled as such and the copy center director will ensure the information is delivered in a confidential manner. Your supervisor must approve any emergency copies.

Behavior Log/Daily Report 

Behavior logs/daily reports are to be completed via email during all shifts for each dorm.

REP Behavior Log/Daily Report Form: See Form 3.3

Incident Report and Discipline Referral 

Use this form to report inappropriate behavior at any time.  This form should be given to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible after the incident.

  1. Discipline Process
  2. For minor issues, complete the yellow forms and give them to your supervisor.
  3. For serious issues such as physical aggression, please complete a disciplinary referral form and page appropriate support staff for assistance.
  4. Behavior management is the primary role of the REP. If you need assistance in this area consult with your supervisor.

REP Incident Report and Discipline Referral Form: See Form 3.4

MSD Activity Requests 

Please refer to the On/Off Campus procedures in the acdemic section of this Standard Operating Manual.

Maintenance/Pest Control Request 

Any maintenance/pest control request will need to be submitted via email to the secretary and cc’d to your supervisor.


  1. You must adhere to the communication policy as stated in the handbook.  This includes any open and common areas.
  2. All employees should refrain from personal cellular phone usage when supervising students.
  3. The use of any such devices should be limited to less than five minutes while on duty.
  4. No Blue Tooth devices are allowed.
  5. Staff must check email before and during shift.
  6. Staff must report any technology problem to immediate supervisor.
  7. Do not add any websites unrelated to the job.
  8. Do not surf the web while supervising students.
  9. Limit VP usage during supervision. (under 15 minutes)

Visits by Staff among dorms 

  1. Visits to other dorms must be work related.
  2. It is imperative that you inform your co-workers of your intention to leave the dorm to go to another dorm.
  3. Ensure supervision is provided at all times.

Committee and Program Process: Student Files 

Those should be kept in file and you are required to maintain confidentiality at all times!

  1. Telephone and address information.
  2. Allergies or other medical information.
  3. Activity permission (will be created by the Residential Education Office).
  4. Permission to leave campus form (will be created by the Residential Education Office).
  5. Any other forms or information regarding students that should be maintained by the student’s residential education parent.

Procedures for Treatment of Students Health Emergencies 

Life Threatening 

  1. If the emergency is life threatening, such as not breathing, unconscious, bleeding profusely, etc., the MSD staff member should immediately call 911 and then call the Health Clinic RN to come to the student.
  2. The MSD staff member should also call MSD Superintendent, Dr. Sandra Edwards via voice or text at 601-955-6202 or 601/613-2938.
  3. Dr. Edwards will decide the person(s) to accompany the student and ambulance to the hospital.
  4. The Health Clinic RN on duty will notify the student’s parents with information concerning his/her condition.
  5. The RN on duty will notify the Clinic Supervisor, Linda Gilbert, RN at 601/201-1292.
  6. The RN on duty will make a follow up call to Dr. Edwards.

Non-life Threatening 

  1. If the emergency is non- life threatening, the MSD staff member should notify the Health Clinic RN, accompany the student to the Health Clinic, and remain at the Health Clinic with the student.
  2. The RN on duty will assess the student’s condition.
  3. If the student can return to school/dorm, the MSD staff member will accompany the student back to school/dorm.
  4. If the student needs to remain in the Health Clinic, the RN on duty will inform the MSD staff member.
  5. If the student needs emergency room treatment, as decided by the RN on duty, the RN on duty will inform MSD Superintendent, Dr. Sandra Edwards who will arrange for a MSD staff member to transport the student via school bus to the emergency room.  If the two Health Clinic LPNs are on duty, one of the LPNs will accompany the student to the emergency room as decided by the RN on duty.  (A MSD staff member must be available to relieve the LPN at the emergency room upon completion of her work shift).
  6. The RN on duty will make a follow up call to Dr. Edwards and, if between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., will notify the Clinic Supervisor, Linda Gilbert, RN (601/201-1292).
  7. The RN on duty will notify the student’s parents with information concerning his/her condition.
  8. You may reach Dr. Edwards at one of the following numbers: 601/955-6202 or 601/613-2938.

Health Clinic Procedures 

  1. It is the responsibility of the REP to escort an ill or injured student to the Health Clinic and to report student complaints and his/her own observations to the duty nurse.  A Clinic Referral form must be completed by REP.
  2. The REP will wait in the Health Clinic lobby while the student is being assessed by the duty nurse.
  3. If the student is released to go back to the dorm, the REP will escort the student.
  4. If the student is admitted to the Health Clinic, the duty nurse will inform the REP who will obtain a change of clothes and/or belongings for the student and bring them to the Clinic.
  5. The duty nurse will call the student’s parent or guardian with information regarding the student’s condition.
  6. If a student is being sent home, the duty nurse will inform the REP.
  7. At no time should an REP contact a student’s parent or guardian to relay medical information.  If a parent contacts the dorm please refer them to the REP Supervisor and he/she can contact the Clinic nurse for further information.
  8. Students should be referred to the Health Clinic for medical needs only.
  9. For students brought to the clinic for an injury that happened at school/dorm/off campus the nurse will provide medical care and will ONLY contact parents if medical care is beyond basic first aid.  The Health Clinic WILL NOT explain how injuries occurred to parent/guardian but will refer the parent/guardian to the appropriate MSB/D REP Supervisor.
  10. Escorting student to nurse if sick during shift and before shift change.
  11. Parents are not allowed to leave student or medicine in the dorm without nurse approval after any doctor visit.

It is our hope that you will have a great and meaninful experience throughout this year! Do not hesistate to reach out to your supervisor should question arises! It is better to ask than not to ask!