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Victorica Monroe

2017-2018 MSD School Year

Contact Information:

Coach Victorica Monroe, Physical Education Teacher

Room: PE Office in Roberts Gym

Main: 601.984.8000

E-mail: vmonroe@mdek12.org


Courses of Study:


Elementary School Physical Education:

Designed to develop fundamental physical activities and to promote better fitness, lifestyle and wellness in student lives throughout the school years then into awareness of being physical fit for long life expectancy years. Throughout the teaching process, inquiry, safety skills, the process of physical growth, display appropriate behaviors and attitudes, measuring of individual’s abilities and fitness, current events in physical education as well as health education, environmental, and hands-on activities should be emphasized. The Mississippi Physical Education Framework is comprised of content strands: motor skills, movement concepts, manipulative, non-manipulative, and perceptual motor skills (K-5).

Middle School Physical Education

 Designed to develop competency in many movement forms and in active lifestyle. This area is focused on introduced skills in knowledge of necessary participation in both individual and team sports/activities. The course of study in physical education activities is on basic skills, lead-up activities and knowledge that demonstrate competency in each activity. (6-8).

High School Physical Education

 Designed to develop achieving competency in more complex versions of various movement forms and proficiency in a few movement forms. The focus of this instruction should be on individual/dual sports, team sports, physical fitness, and lifetime activities. (9-12)

Grades: (MS/HS) Starting with 100% in each nine weeks grading period (maximum of 4 reduction points for each day on the following activities) – Bonus will be awarded for 1 point on special recognitions, rewards, leaderships and projects.

Knowledge                  25%                             Skills                            25%

PE Rules                      25%                             Participation                 25%

Elementary Grades: S – Satisfactory; NI – Need Improvement.

PE Classroom: Students are expected to prepare their materials/supplies and appropriate clothing in PE activities as outlined in the MSD Students’ handbook.