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SKI*HI Early Intervention

The SKI*HI Early Intervention Program at the Mississippi School for the Deaf provides early intervention services on a statewide basis to families of deaf and hard of hearing children ages birth to 4 years. Services are usually provided in the home during weekly home visits by a staff of parent advisors who have received training in the use of the SKI*HI Early Intervention Model for delivery of services. The SKI*HI Early Intervention resource manual contains information and activities for families on these topics:

* Early communication and interaction
* Audition
* Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants
* Aural-Oral Language
* Sign Language
* Psycho-emotional support
* Other

Information is provided to parents on the use and care of hearing aids/cochlear implants; development of auditory skills; establishment of meaningful, two-way communication; and, the development of language skills.

Parents become active partners in the educational development of their child and make informed decisions regarding communication methodology and educational placement for their child.''

If you or someone you know has a child with hearing loss who could benefit from our SKI*HI services, please contact the director, Ms. Kaye Carr, at kcarr@mde.k12.ms.us