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MSD Administration

Superintendent Sandra Edwards

Dr. Sandra G. Edwards

Sandra G. Edwards,  Ed.D.serves as the superintendent of the Mississippi School for the Deaf which has established a philosophy of AEBE (ASL/English Bilingual Education). Dr. Edwards is responsible for leading 100 staff members and the educational process for 240 students. She provides leadership in the educational programming of both commuter and residential students. Dr. Edwards leads an administrative team of professionals who ensure implementation of a universal design of learning and the appropriate implementation of the College and Career Readiness Standards.  In addition, she works closely with the Mississippi Department of Education as well as local school districts regarding the educational matriculation of deaf and hard of hearing students. Dr. Edwards serves on the board of the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD) where currently serves as president elect and works at the national level on educational issues.  Dr. Edwards is published in several periodicals with research, which revolves heavily around literacy.

If you would like to contact Dr. Sandra Edwards, please email  sgedwards@mdek12.org

Principal Bradley Porche

Secondary Principal
Dr. Bradley Porche'

Bradley Porche’, Ed.D., is Deaf and serves as the Principal at the Mississippi School for the Deaf. With 13 years experience in the field of Deaf education, Dr. Porche' is tasked with overseeing the Secondary, STEM, and Career Technical Education programming that is aligned with the philosophy of AEBE (ASL/English Bilingual Education) and the National and State standards. He is also responsible for policy and operational management. Dr. Porche’ is the on the board of the Mississippi Hands and Voices, a Vice President for the Mississippi Chapter Gallaudet University Alumni Association, and is on the council for the Mississippi State Rehabilitation Board. He also serves on the board of the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD). Dr. Porche has published his dissertation on the topic of “An Investigation of Technology Leadership Among State Schools for the Deaf In the United States”. During his free time, he likes to be involved in politics and is an advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

If you would like to contact Dr. Bradley Porche, please email bporche@mdek12.org

Director of Mississippi Assistive Center for Hearing Loss
Dr. Leigh Warren

Leigh Poole Warren, Ed.D.serves as the Director of the Mississippi Assistance Center for Hearing Loss. Dr. Warren leads an eclectic team of professionals who are highly skilled in their particular areas to provide assistance to families, districts and community members serving all students who have hearing loss. 

If you would like to contact Dr. Leigh Warren, please email  lwarren@mdek12.org

Elementary Principal
Mrs. Jessica McMahon

Jessica McMahon serves as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Language Planning at the Mississippi School for the Deaf. As a Deaf administrator with 18 years experience in the field of Deaf education, Mrs. McMahon is tasked with coordinating AEBE (ASL/English Bilingual Education) instructional strategies and language planning for bilingual instruction across all grade levels.  Mrs. McMahon is also charged with the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum for the Mississippi School for the Deaf.  As the elementary building supervisor, Mrs. McMahon is able to provide critical language development to MSD's youngest students resulting in literacy achievement. In Mrs. McMahon’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 5 children, camping, traveling and reading.

If you would like to contact Mrs. Jessica McMahon, please email jmcmahon@mdek12.org

Director of Residential Education
 Mr. Sekoe White

Mr. White serves as the Director of Residential Education at the Mississippi School for the Deaf. He is a graduate of Gallaudet University  with a  B.A in Communication Studies. 

Mr. White always has  always had a passion to work with students and their extracurricular activities in the dormitory-setting because it is the place where students can develop their identity, their culture, their confidence, their language and their personal life to reinforce academic and social excellence. 

 In addition to being the Residential Education director, Mr. White has a huge passion for MSD's Athletic program. He enjoys coaching and maximizing student abilities abilities.

Mr. White believes sports allows the opportunity for students to have their  "showtime" and share the knowledge they have gained from Academic and Residential Life at MSD. 

If you would like to get know about Residential Life, contact Mr Sekoe White at sekoewhite@mdek12.org




Director of Overnight Supervision
Mrs. Shelly Jacobs

Shelly Jacobs is currently serving as Overnight Supervisor for Mississippi School for the Deaf.  She’s been serving in this capacity since 2010.  She began her journey as a dorm parent in 1998.  She received her Associate of Science degree at Hinds Community College and her Bachelors of Science from Jackson State University. 

If you would like to contact Mrs. Shelly Jacobs, please email  sjacobs@mdek12.org